The Angel's Share | 7C Boulder problem at Black Rocks

Highball. Chipped.

Originally climbed without pads at E8. As with other lines on this bloc it utilises a large chipped runnel to get established on the base of the slab.

Originally the line climbed slightly left of where it currently does, utilising a tiny pebble. Tom de Gay:

I believe JD went further left, but there used to be a handy micro-pebble which I unfortunately removed whilst soloing it, with my right hand on the slopey top, to the left of the seam. c.1998 [1]



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Jim Pope
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Added at 06:04 on 18 April 2024


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Johnny Dawes Boulder | worked 19th Jun 1994
First ascent.

Originally climbed without pads at E8.

Tom de Gay Lead | worked 1998
Jim Pope Boulder | worked 17th Apr 2024