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Tom Randall
Added at 21:01 on 15 January 2021
Barbara Zangerl
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Added at 22:04 on 04 April 2021
Barbara Zangerl
Added at 16:07 on 29 July 2021


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Didier Berthod Lead (Worked) 14th December 2003
Tom Randall Lead (Worked) 31st July 2009

Third ascent.

Pete Whittaker Lead (Worked) August 2010
Yuji Hirayama Lead (Worked) October 2011

Second go.

Barbara Zangerl Lead (Worked) 14th October 2020

First female ascent.

Stevie Haston Lead (Onsight)

With the gear pre-placed.