Rare Lichen | E9 Trad climb at Clogwyn Y Tarw (The Gribin Facet)

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Emma Twyford
Added at 11:12 on 19 December 2020


11 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Leo Houlding Lead (Worked) 01 Aug 1997 (approx)
Emma Twyford Lead (Worked) 23 Sep 2013

Second british woman to climb E9.

Did Rare Lichen up on Griben Facet in the Ogwen Valley which is given E9 6c. Such a cool route with some seriously small gear! I was not hopeful of doing it as it was pretty grim walking in then it burnt off! The rock felt a bit smeggy and just as I was about to set off some low level cloud came in. Decided to have a look and shout for a rope if it felt awful. Middle pic is of me pulling a terrified face just before setting off and the end pic is of me celebrating still being in one piece and not in a hospital. Thanks to Alex for belaying me very attentively and Ray and Llyr for being very nice whilst filming it.




Nathan Lee Lead (Worked) 04 Apr 2014
Ed Booth Lead (Worked) 28 Sep 2015
Eve Lancashire Lead (Worked) 29 Aug 2016

Third british woman to climb E9?

Eve tested the fall before getting the route done. Fortunately the small wires that protect the route held!



James McHaffie Lead (Worked)
Angus Kille Lead (Worked)
Calum Muskett Lead (Worked)
Tom Livingstone Lead (Worked)
Charlie Woodburn Lead (Worked)
James Taylor Lead (Worked)