Ninth Life | E7 Trad climb at Chee Dale

Named after Jerry Moffatt who decked from the upper reaches of the route on a previous attempt at the FA. Having completed all the hard, dangerous climbing and found a good runner he was stumped by the dirty top section so decided to lower off the runner. The runner failed and he landed flat on his back and was knocked unconscious, but miraculously awoke unscathed.

Alan Carne recalls

I thought he was dead. He landed flat on his back and was completely unconscious, immobile and I just looked at him and thought 'oh, my god, he's dead'.


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Johnny Woodward Lead | worked 28th Apr 1982
First ascent.

Jerry Moffatt was so incensed that Woodward had plucked the FA from under him (after his huge ground fall) the he never spoke to him again.