Lord of the Flies | E6 Trad climb at Dinas Cromlech

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Ron Fawcett
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Ron Fawcett
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Dave Thomas
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8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Ron Fawcett Lead (Worked) 26th Jun 1979
First ascent.



Dave Thomas Lead (Onsight) 1986
Dave Thomas Solo (Repeat) Aug 1990

When I got there Lord was wet, there was a big wet streak running down it...and it was a case of waiting for it to dry out, hoping it would dry out in time to do the route...I left it as long as I could and when I set out I wasn't sure whether it was in sufficiently good condition.

Felicity Butler Lead (Onsight) 1993

The first British woman to onsight E6.


[1] Queens of the Stone by Lucy Ellis, 2003. On The Edge 126, page 46

Leo Houlding Lead (Repeat) 1998

An ascent by headtorch.

Having seconded Tim Emmett up Right Wall Leo felt he needed to up the ante. Unfortunately his headtorch died half way through the crux sequence, forcing him to down climb to a rest where he could pull up a friend's torch before completing the route.

Rachel Pearce Lead (Onsight) 14th Jul 2022
Phil Davidson Lead (Onsight)

Third ascent. [1]

[1] The Power of Climbing (1991) by David Jones, page 39

Jude Spancken Lead (Onsight)