Anaesthesia | 8A+ Boulder problem at Woodwell

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Pics + Vids

John Gaskins
Added at 16:11 on 18 November 2021
Dan Turner
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Added at 15:06 on 29 June 2021
Dan Turner
Added at 20:01 on 17 January 2022


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
John Gaskins Boulder | worked 2000 8B/8B+
First ascent.

Climbed with feet on the back and given 8B. New beta using heels on the lip has taken the grade to 8A+.



[2] On The Edge 120, page 49.

Ian Vickers Boulder | worked 2001 8A+
Gareth Parry Boulder | worked 20th Mar 2007

Gaz was very close to flashing the problem after a good spray down from Ian Vickers.



Nick Clement Boulder | worked May 2007
James Noble Boulder | worked 25th Oct 2019
Ben Freeman Boulder | worked 29th Jul 2020
Dan Turner Boulder | worked 20th Jun 2021
Jack Palmieri Boulder | worked 15th Oct 2021