Immortal | E11 Trad climb at Maidens Bluff

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Franco Cookson
Added at 12:11 on 11 November 2021
Franco Cookson
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Added at 17:12 on 23 December 2021
Franco Cookson
Added at 10:03 on 26 March 2023


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Franco Cookson Lead (Worked) 17th April 2021

Featured in the Brit Rock film tour 2021

The new line at Maiden's Bluff and the North York Moors' new hardest route. It's a fabulously aggressive micro route, with the difficulties being fairly short lived, all hinging on a handful of desperate micro crimps, super sketchy feet, exact body position, as well as timing for the lateral lunge. The penalty for failure is a fall onto some rubbish skyhooks on soft sandstone, with a large drop below. Right up to the point of commitment, I had no idea whether I'd summon up the required cocktail of courage and madness to actually go into the one-way tunnel. It was one of those life-defining moments. [1]