Hard Cheese | E10 Trad climb at Bright Beck Crag


Previously an old John Dunne project. About 8c. Craig chose the name because some other routes at the crag are named after soft cheeses, most notably Peppered Boursin, a Dave Birkett E7.

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Craig Matheson
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Added at 08:11 on 07 November 2021
Craig Matheson
Added at 22:11 on 29 November 2021


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Craig Matheson Lead | worked 28th May 2021
First ascent.

A crucial RP protects the top of the route. Craig found he couldn't place the piece reliably so opted to pre-place it instead. Even clipping the pre-placed wire was so strenuous that he opted to velcro a quickdraw to his t-shirt to speed up the process! [2]

On the RP, Craig noted:

If you go and try 'Hard Cheese' and you want to drop a rope down the crag to do this, then please do not use this 'RP' placement, to clip your abseil rope into – this placement is both fragile and poor. It needs to be preserved for those on the lead. The placement only works with a downwards pull and an outwards loading of an abseil 'deviation' will strip it – many thanks.

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