Doug | E8 Trad climb at Roaches

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8 recorded ascents, including 1 unsuccessful ascent.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Nick Dixon Solo | worked Apr 1986
First ascent.

Doug had a couple of helpers stretch a blanket out underneath him while he attempted to make the first ascent, hoping they would be able to use it to catch him in case of a fall. [1]



Justin Critchlow Solo | worked 12th Feb 1994
Second ascent.

Aged just 16! [1]



Julian Lines Solo | worked Between 13th Feb 1994 and 1st Jan 1998
Third ascent.
Dave MacLeod Solo | did not finish 1998

Dave snapped a pebble and broke his ankle while going for a headpoint ascent.

I was headpointing an E8, which would have been my first E8. I'd just top roped it cleanly and then I went for the lead, which in this case was actually a solo, and I was just standing up through the crux move and I was thinking "I'm gonna do this, I feel really solid" and the crux pebble that I was pushing down on snapped off and I decked out, broke my ankle quite badly... [1]



Nik Jennings Solo | flash 2000

Climbed on impulse after watching a friend top rope it.

Mark Sharrat Solo | worked 2003


[1] On The Edge 127, page 71

Chris Hudgins Solo | worked 2nd Apr 2004
Sam Whittaker Solo | worked