Stingray | E9/8b Trad climb

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Brittany Goris
Added at 18:09 on 10 September 2021
Amity Warme
Added at 21:09 on 23 September 2023
Jean-Pierre Ouellet
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Added at 05:10 on 16 October 2022


7 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Mike Paul Top Rope (Worked) May 1988
Hidetaka Suzuki Lead (Worked) Jun 1988

A month after Mike Paul had successfully top roped the line.

Sonnie Trotter Lead (Worked) 2010
Second ascent.

The long awaited second ascent.

Will Stanhope Lead (Worked) 2015
Brittany Goris Lead (Worked) 7th Feb 2020
First female ascent.

Amity Warme Lead (Worked) 4th Feb 2023

Jean-Pierre Ouellet Lead (Worked)