Renegade Master | E8/7C+ Trad climb at Froggatt Edge


Originally led but now typically done above a big pile of mats at about 7C+. On the first ascent Jerry Moffatt took a fairly direct line at the top, whereas people typically traverse round to the right before topping out when climbing the line above pads.

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Jerry Moffatt
Added at 07:11 on 01 November 2021


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jerry Moffatt Lead | worked 1995
First ascent.

With pre-placed gear so that it could be clipped more easily on the lead.

Ben Heason Solo | worked 2001
Nic Sellars Solo | ground up 2001
Tom Briggs Solo | ground up 2001
Shauna Coxsey Solo | ground up Nov 2017
Third go.
Neil Bentley Lead
Second ascent.


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