Strong British Female Boulderers

The best British female boulderers.

This list aims to list any female British boulderer who has climbed 7C or harder. It attempts to be definitive in terms of the people included but does not attempt to enumerate every relevant ascent.

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102 entries on the list.

Climber Grade Climbs
1 Shauna Coxsey 8B+ New Base Line
2 Molly Thompson-Smith 8B Euro Roof Low, Steppenwolf, Flip Flopera, Sideshow
3 Mina Leslie-Wujastyk 8B Pursuit of Happiness
4 Frances Bensley 8B Fat Lip
5 Tara Hayes 8B Fat Lip
6 Nia Fletcher 8A+ Sidekick, Fat Lady
7 Ella Russell 8A+ Sleepy Hollow
8 Becky Wilby 8A+ Armed Response
9 Claire Murphy 8A+ Sarah SDS
10 Suzan Dudink 8A+ Tea with Elmarie
11 Rhoslyn Frugtniet 8A Quarantine, Team Work, The Revolution is Coming
12 Rachel Daly 8A Lycan It, Tourniquet, Ethereal Thing
13 Emma Flaherty 8A Back Street Mime Artist, Röyksopp
14 Rebecca Stephens 8A Hatchatrocity, Tourniquet
15 Gwyneth Uttley 8A Back Street Mime Artist, The Revolution is Coming
16 Gill Peet 8A Moreau's Island, Lycan It
17 Michaela Tracy 8A Truth and Lies, Halcyon
18 Rachel Carr 8A God Save My Finger, Pendragon
19 Leah Crane 8A Full Power, Tourniquet
20 Xian Goh 8A Team Work
21 Natalie Berry 8A Foxy Lady
22 Hazel Findlay 8A Fourteen Years Later Low
23 Katie Maxwell 8A Fourteen Years Later Low
24 Holly Rees 8A Let's Get Ready to Rumbleweed
25 Naomi Buys 8A Lou Ferrino Sans Pocket
26 Anna Taylor 8A War Machine
27 Gracie Martin 8A Tsunami
28 Hazel Dearlove 8A Tsunami
29 Lucy Ross 8A The Revolution is Coming
30 Airlie Borlase 8A The Revolution is Coming
31 Esther Foster 8A Impropa Opera SDS
32 Anna Wild 8A Jason's Roof
33 Ruby Petch 8A The Revolution is Coming
34 Jo Allen 8A Back Street Mime Artist
35 Steph Holland 8A Witness the Churnetness
36 Ellie Bacmeister 8A White Light
37 Vickie Fringe 8A Back Street Mime Artist
38 Jemma Powell 8A Stoned Temple Pilots
39 Katy Whittaker 7C+ Toy Boy, Walk on By, The Hatchling
40 Thea Cameron 7C+ Grand Opera, Kroenen
41 Emma Twyford 7C+ Lotus, Bara Brith Low
42 Charlotte Garden 7C+ Caroline, The Departed
43 Mia Stacey 7C+ Walk on By
44 Maddy Cope 7C+ Punchsong
45 Emily Fell 7C+ Tears of the Angels
46 Hannah Hayes 7C+ Final Curtain
47 Charlie Torrance 7C+ Fourteen Years Later
48 Liv Pearson 7C+ Fat Cat Roof + Taylor Made
49 Jessica Sakura Ward 7C+ Fat Cat Roof + Taylor Made
50 Tala Hepburn 7C+ Break Traverse
51 Elle Partington 7C+ Born Lippy
52 Elin Lois 7C+ Bara Brith Low
53 Lucy Creamer 7C+ Trente Six
54 Lucinda Whittaker 7C+ Caroline
55 Imogen Horrocks 7C+ The Hatchling
56 Kitty Morrison 7C+ Caroline
57 Hannah Toward 7C+ Tension Set
58 Helen Dudley 7C+ Iceberg (aller-retour)
59 Naomi Cokell 7C+ Megalithe
60 Jennifer Wood 7C Ben's Roof, Jerry's Roof, Hellebore
61 Rowanne Bennett-Waters 7C Dr. Crimp, Paint it Black, Power Strips
62 Diane Merrick 7C Ben's Roof, Paint it Black
63 Rae Cowie 7C Ben's Roof, Powerband
64 Dalvinder Sodhi 7C Brad Pit
65 Alison Monks 7C Coronary Bypass
66 Llinos Cassidy 7C Fat Cat Roof
67 Nicola Taylor 7C Ben's Roof
68 Ferdia Earle 7C Ben's Roof
69 Zoe Wood 7C Jerry's Roof
70 Danielle Abbey 7C Fine Beta
71 Hannah French 7C Ben's Roof
72 Holly Murray 7C Demon Wall Roof Left-Hand
73 Natalie Jordan-Rogers 7C Rock Atrocity
74 Holly Toothill 7C Lager Lager Lager
75 Niamh Gibson 7C Ben's Roof
76 Mimi White 7C Regeneration Extension
77 Flo Tilley 7C Jerry's Roof
78 Tina Breslin 7C Chasing Rainbows
79 Alice Thompson 7C Diagon Alley
80 Coral Dawson 7C Tusk
81 Tanya Meredith 7C Left Wall High
82 Michelle Greenall 7C Stalker on the Horizon
83 Katherine Schirrmacher 7C Brad Pit
84 Tess Bennett 7C Antihero
85 Amber Thornton 7C Peckitt's Traverse
86 Evelyn Dearlove 7C Enchantress
87 Kate Ennis 7C Oreo
88 Kitty Wallace 7C Le Carnage Assis
89 Rachel Briggs 7C Welcome to Tijuana
90 Emily Philips 7C Jerry's Roof
91 Livvy Gent 7C Mr. Poppers
92 Lily Fitzgibbon 7C Man of Cow
93 Anna Trybis 7C Sprung
94 Lisa Alhadeff 7C Ben's Roof
95 Ruth Smitton 7C Ben's Roof
96 Jules Littlefair 7C Ben's Roof
97 Sara Dusza 7C Little Northumberland
98 Debbie Corbett 7C Ben's Roof
99 Esther Seddon 7C Rock Atrocity
100 Penny Orr 7C Dr. Crimp
101 Michelle Wardle 7C Rock Atrocity
102 Charlotte Telfer 7C Jess' Roof