Oli Grounsell


The Zone (E9)
Added at 12:01 on 30 January 2021


5 recorded ascents.

Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Megalopa 8c+ (Lead) 17 Apr 2015 (approx)

Fourth ascent.


Radar Ez 8c+ (Lead)
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Ropes of Maui 8A+ (Boulder) 13 Nov 2014 (approx)
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
The Zone E9 (Lead) 11 Mar 2013


Mission Impossible E9 (Lead) 15 Jun 2016 (approx)

Third ascent.

I'd say this is the first route I have done which genuinely felt E9, purely for the physical difficulty (8a+/b). A lot of the others are kind of hovering on the border.


Climb Grade FA Ascent Date