Paint it Black | 8C Boulder problem

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Paul Robinson
Added at 16:12 on 01 December 2021
Drew Ruana
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Added at 13:03 on 24 March 2021
Matt Fultz
Added at 21:04 on 09 April 2021


7 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Paul Robinson Boulder (Worked) 18th Apr 2012

Second ascent.

Dave Graham Boulder (Worked) 28th Apr 2012
Drew Ruana Boulder (Worked) 5th Mar 2020

In a session.

Nick Bradley Boulder (Worked) 7th Apr 2021
Austin Purdy Boulder (Worked) 10th Nov 2021

Noah Wheeler Boulder (Worked) 18th Dec 2022

Surprised myself with a send of this one after 5 days off from the flu. Maybe losing weight, even from sickness, makes you send. One of the most technical (that is to say, not strength or finger reliant) climbs I’ve had the privilege of trying.

Matt Fultz Boulder (Worked)