Meadowlark Lemon | 8B+ Boulder problem

See also Meadowlark Lemon Stand.

Originally given 8C but due to a chipped hold, some soft rock and vigorous brushing holds have changed and it is now more like 8B/+.

Contributors: remus


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Paul Robinson Boulder | worked 12th Jan 2012 8C
First ascent.

This was 8C before it got chipped and aggresively brushed and eventually destroyed completely.

Dave Graham Boulder | worked 8th Jan 2013 8C
Carlo Traversi Boulder | worked 12th Feb 2013 8B+
Daniel Woods Boulder | worked 5th Dec 2013 8B+ (soft)
Jimmy Webb Boulder | worked 7th Dec 2013 8B+
Niccolò Ceria Boulder | worked 26th Jan 2014 8B+
Keenan Takahashi Boulder | worked 28th Jan 2017 8B (hard)
Alex Waterhouse Boulder | worked 14th Mar 2019 8B (hard)