Meadowlark Lemon | 8B+ Boulder problem

Originally given 8C but due to a chipped hold, some soft rock and vigorous brushing holds have changed and it is now more like 8B/+.


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Paul Robinson Boulder (Worked) 12th January 2012 8C

This was 8C before it got chipped and aggresively brushed and eventually destroyed completely.

Dave Graham Boulder (Worked) 8th January 2013 8C
Carlo Traversi Boulder (Worked) 12th February 2013 8B+
Daniel Woods Boulder (Worked) 5th December 2013 8B+ (soft)
Jimmy Webb Boulder (Worked) 7th December 2013 8B+
Niccolò Ceria Boulder (Worked) 26th January 2014 8B+
Keenan Takahashi Boulder (Worked) 28th January 2017 8B (hard)
Alex Waterhouse Boulder (Worked) 14th March 2019 8B (hard)