Golden Shadow | 8B+ Boulder problem at Rocklands |

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Dave Graham
Added at 16:03 on 14 March 2023
Eliot Stephens
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Added at 12:02 on 10 February 2021


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Graham Boulder | worked 2012
Fabian Buhl Boulder | worked 12th Aug 2012
Ashima Shiraishi Boulder | worked 15th Jul 2014
James Noble Boulder | worked 30th Aug 2015

Total mental war of attrition! Marc le Menestrel saw me on it and described my climbing as 'dancing on rock'. A little bit pleased.

Eliot Stephens Boulder | worked 4th Jul 2017
Oriane Bertone Boulder | worked 23rd Jan 2018
James Squire Boulder | worked 17th Jun 2018
Solly Kemball-Dory Boulder | worked 23rd Jun 2023