La Fabela por la Enmienda | 9a Sport route at Santa Linya |

Extension of La Fabela.
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Janja Garnbret
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Added at 07:05 on 06 May 2023
Anak Verhoeven
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Added at 09:12 on 03 December 2023


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Patxi Usobiaga Lead | worked 22nd Mar 2008
Tom Bolger Lead | worked 18th Jan 2012
Mina Markovic Lead | worked Dec 2015

With this ascent Mina became the first Slovenian woman to climb 9a.

Janja Garnbret Lead | worked 6th Jan 2018
Alex Barrows Lead | worked 28th Feb 2023
Anak Verhoeven Lead | worked Nov 2023