Huecool | 8b Sport route at Gordale Scar

See also Supercool.
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5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dougie Hall Lead | worked 1990s

Neil Foster:

I remember him turning up at Kilnsey one afternoon and going on one of the North Buttress routes. Chatting to him, he mentioned they'd been into Gordale in the morning. Oh, what did you do? says I, expecting he might have belayed a mate on a redpoint, with Kilnsey being the main objective of his day. Huecool says Doug. A mere 8b... And this was probably over 30 years ago! [1]



Mike Owen Lead | worked 20th Jun 1993
2 sessions.
Lucy Creamer Lead | worked Between 1st May 2003 and 1st Jan 2004
Karin Magog Lead | worked 20th May 2004
Lucy Mitchell Lead | worked 21st Jun 2013