Brandenburg Gate | 9a+ Sport route at Raven Tor |

See also The Whore of Babylon.

Once an infamous project to the right of Hubble at Raven Tor. Andy Pollitt climbed it with three points of aid as The Whore of Babylon at 8a in 1987, John Gaskins claimed to have gotten close after many days of effort but never managed to complete it and Will Bosi eventually made the first ascent in 2021.

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Will Bosi
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Will Bosi
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John Gaskins
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2 recorded ascents, including 1 unsuccessful ascent.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Will Bosi Lead | worked 7th Nov 2021 9a+ (soft)
First ascent. Belayed by Frances Bensley. 8 sessions.

The climb is very similar to Hubble in a sense but the sequence of moves are a lot more complex and technically demanding. I was stuck for a while on the lower section but once I was able to unlock a sequence, the route came together really quickly for me. [2]





John Gaskins Lead | did not finish 2003

In interviews John has stated he got relatively close to climbing this line [2].

Redpoint highpoint was going for a blind edge at the very end of the hard climbing.

Paul Reeve also witnessed an attempt where John nearly made it in to Make it Funky. [1]



[2] Interview with Simon Lee

[3] On The Edge 120, page 49.