Catalan Witness the Fitness | 8B+ Boulder problem at Cova De Locell

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Jorge Díaz-Rullo
Added at 18:05 on 26 May 2022
Dave MacLeod
Added at 09:12 on 19 December 2020


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Chris Sharma Boulder (Worked) 2nd January 2016
Alberto Rocasolano Jaudenes Boulder (Worked) 3rd February 2016
Martin Stráník Boulder (Worked) 24th December 2016
Jakob Schubert Boulder (Flash) Between 13th Jan. 2018 and 13th Jan. 2019
Jorge Díaz-Rullo Boulder (Worked) 2020

Dave MacLeod Boulder (Worked)