The Fly | 9a/8B+ Sport route at Rumney


A very short route or a highball boulder with a bit of a funky landing. When climbed as a route both the bolts on the route are usually pre-clipped.



Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Kevin Jorgeson
Added at 12:06 on 08 June 2022
Sam Weir
Added at 07:01 on 12 January 2024


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Graham Lead | worked 7th Apr 2000
First ascent.
Luke Parady Lead | worked 27th Apr 2001
Second ascent.
Tony Lamiche Lead | worked 10th Oct 2003
Chris Sharma Lead | worked 30th Oct 2003

Chris dropped the last move on his flash attempt.

Jason Kehl Solo | worked 7th Nov 2003
Kevin Jorgeson Solo | worked 12th Apr 2008 8B+
Sam Weir Lead | worked 2019
Alex Waterhouse Lead | worked 3rd Apr 2019 8B