Requiem | E8/8a Trad climb at Dumbarton Rock

Traditionally protected ~8a climbing making it a contender for the first 8a in the UK.

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Caroline Ciavaldini
Added at 07:09 on 08 September 2022


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Cuthbertson Lead | worked 1983
First ascent.

A hugely impressive ascent for it's time featuring extremely hard climbing (comparable to 8a sport) on trad gear.

Looking back now with hindsight Im quite pleased I did it trying it ground up...I'd get to my high point, touch the holds above and then lower back to the ground...A sort of extended yo-yo style. [1]



Dave MacLeod Lead | worked 2000
Fifth ascent.
Caroline Ciavaldini Lead | worked 27th Sep 2014
Florence Pinet Lead | worked Sep 2018