B.I.G | 9c Sport route at Flatanger

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Bolted by Adam Ondra. Also known as Project Big.

B.I.G is a sport climb in Flatanger. It was bolted in 2013 by Adam Ondra around the same time he bolted Silence. It received significant attention from Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert and Sébastien Bouin before Jakob made the first ascent in September 2023.

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Jakob Schubert
Added at 09:09 on 21 September 2023
Jakob Schubert
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Added at 18:09 on 27 September 2023


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jakob Schubert Lead | worked 20th Sep 2023
First ascent.

After climbing through the crux Jakob snapped a jug off in the relatively easy upper section. Fortunately it wedged in to a crack long enough for him to move to some other holds, narrowly avoiding heartbreak.

On the grade:

To me it felt a whole step beyond Perfecto Mundo which seems confirmed at 9b+. This alongside reflections with Adam [Ondra] made me propose 9c for B.I.G. While in my eyes the range for grades up to 9b seem to have settled due to the total amount of routes and ascents, this doesn’t yet seem the case for 9b+ and 9c, where the possibilities for comparison are still very limited. There are not even 10 climbers that claim to have sent 9b+, and the total of routes graded 9b+ or harder is still below 15, most of which are yet to see repeats. This makes it obvious that confines for both 9b+ and 9c are still blurry and will develop over time and through ascents and shared opinions. I hope they will come soon! [3]


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