Shallow Groove | 8B Boulder problem at Trowbarrow

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Aidan Roberts
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Added at 12:02 on 10 February 2021


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
John Gaskins Boulder | worked 8A
First ascent.

It seems unlikely that John made the first ascent of this problem.

Dan Varian:

Re shallowgroove i think it's incredibly important to stress that [Aidan Roberts'] is the second ascent of [Ryan Pasquill's] direct. The line John describes in his interview should get written up as a seperate finish after the first move. If vitruvian man has a RH and LH version so should this. Even more so because the RH line has a proven track record of attempts, fails doing moves etc but the LH line only emerged in johns interview and is something entirely different... If Ryans line was easy someone else would've done it in the last 17years. Aidan is super well suited to crimping utter crap whilst standing on a ledge (as is Ryan). Its one of the weirdest hard problems in the world IMO. Literally no extra kudos for a trainers ascent. [1]



Ryan Pasquill Boulder | worked 2000s
Second ascent.

Dan Varian:

I think one of the most naturally strong (and in the tall camp) climbers i've ever met is Ryan Pasquill and i'd say his ascent of shallow groove is the most undervalued ascent in uk bouldering. That is a problem that has repelled all comers, including myself (i've done the moves but i personally find them harder than those on Monk Life for example). [1]



Aidan Roberts Boulder | worked May 2020