Meltdown | E11/8c+ Trad climb

A project of Ron Kauk's before he suffered an injury which stopped him trying the line. Beth Rodden then invested substantial time and energy in to the line before making the first ascent in 2008. The line then waited an incredible 10 years before receiving a second ascent from Carlo Traversi.

Pics + Vids

Beth Rodden
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Added at 16:11 on 14 November 2022
Carlo Traversi
Added at 16:11 on 14 November 2022


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Beth Rodden Lead (Worked) 14th Feb 2008

An incredible ascent of one of the hardest pieces of trad climbing in the world at the time.

Carlo Traversi Lead (Worked) Nov 2018

Second ascent.

Jacopo Larcher Lead (Worked) Nov 2022