Prisoners of the Sun | E10/8b Trad climb at Rhoscolyn

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James Taylor
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Added at 22:06 on 08 June 2021


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
James Taylor Lead | worked 8th Jun 2021
Jim Pope Lead | worked 23rd Sep 2021
Second ascent.

I had a short recce on top-rope while Ben got reacquainted with [Surreal Appeal] – so probably around 45 minutes including the warm-up - after the drive over from Sheffield. I then belayed Ben on his send and then I went straight after him. [1]

On the grade:

It's always hard to put a grade on something, and especially trad where the grade is even more subjective given you have to take into account how dangerous it felt for you. Personally, when comparing it to other routes I’ve done, I felt like I’d had an E8 6c experience. [1]



James Pearson Lead | worked Aug 2023