Trice | 8A+ Boulder problem

Also known as Another Holloway Route, AHR and Hell.

One of the hardest problems in the world at the time and a contender for the first 8A+.

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Jim Holloway
Added at 18:05 on 20 May 2024
Paige Classen
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Added at 18:02 on 01 February 2024


7 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jim Holloway Boulder | worked 1975
First ascent.

Trice I’ve heard called several things over the years. Chris Jones started calling it Another Holloway Route or AHR, and someone else started calling it another “Hell” route. I just called it Trice. When we first took notice to that line we were bouldering up there, his name was… he had a friend called the big D — David something — he had the strongest fingers and I remember him putting his hands on the beginning undercling holds of the problem, and I remember saying, “Now pull up”, thinking no one could ever lift off these hold. But he did! I got inspired and started working on the thing from that start. I remember you start under the bulge on an undercling, made a big move to a three-finger pocket with the right hand, bring the left up to a small hold and jump for the lip. There are no footholds. Again I had an open-handed technique down, and you can’t crimp on the pocket, so it suited me well. [1]



Carlo Traversi Boulder | worked 15th Nov 2007
Second ascent?

30 years after the first ascent!

James Pearson Boulder | worked 13th Dec 2007
Daniel Woods Boulder | worked 22nd Dec 2007
Dave Graham Boulder | worked 10th Jan 2008
Nina Williams Boulder | worked 11th Apr 2015
First female ascent.
Paige Classen Boulder | worked Jan 2024