The Kingdom | 8B+ Boulder problem at Brione

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Daniel Woods
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Added at 21:04 on 07 April 2021


10 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Carlo Traversi Boulder (Worked) 31st March 2013 8C

The long standing Vecchio left project. Many days of work. Hardest 5 moves I've ever linked together and it's perfectly my style. Shouldery moves, high feet, and very tense climbing. Last day in Swiss and couldn't be more psyched to finally piece this one together. [1]


Jimmy Webb Boulder (Worked) 19th March 2014 8C

Second ascent.

Florian Wientjes Boulder (Worked) 3rd March 2019 8B+

Third ascent.

Daniel Woods Boulder (Worked) 16th April 2019 8C (soft)

Fourth ascent.

Vadim Timonov Boulder (Worked) 12th December 2019 8C (soft)
Martin Stráník Boulder (Worked) 10th February 2020 8B+
Matt Fultz Boulder (Worked) 11th March 2020 8C (soft)
Elias Iagnemma Boulder (Worked) 20th January 2021 8C
Nicolai Užnik Boulder (Worked) 15th March 2021 8B+
Yannick Flohé Boulder (Worked) 16th March 2022 8B+ (hard)