The Singularity | 8C Boulder problem at Grand Wall Boulders | |

At some point around 2018 the crux hold was chipped making the problem slightly easier. [1]



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Pics + Vids

Nalle Hukkataival
Added at 20:02 on 23 February 2022
Lucas Uchida
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Added at 21:09 on 13 September 2022
Ethan Salvo
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Added at 12:02 on 15 February 2024


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Tim Clifford Boulder | worked 21st May 2007 8B+
First ascent.
Nalle Hukkataival Boulder | worked 21st Sep 2017 8B+/8C
Second ascent.

Nalle climbed the problem from a slightly lower start than the FA, starting with both hands on a low rail where the FA started a move further in with one hand on the rail.

Gabe Lawson Boulder | worked 8th Apr 2022 8C
Third ascent.
Lucas Uchida Boulder | worked Between 9th Jul 2022 and 8th Jul 2022 8C
Ethan Salvo Boulder | worked 5th Feb 2024 8C
Around 60 sessions.

After a poor session, I went home and watched the video of Nalle's send on repeat for 45min. Everytime the video played back, I’d focus on the movements of a different body part. I woke up the next morning pretty sore from the day before, but decided I should try anyway. Everything I learned the night before watching nalles vid on loop definitely had an impact on my tries, in a way I felt like I had learned everything there was to understand about the problem. All that was left to do was close the chapter. I pulled on for my last try of the session, which ended up being my last try ever. [1]