La Rustica | 8C Boulder problem

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Nalle Hukkataival
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Added at 17:12 on 20 December 2021
Daniel Woods
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Added at 21:04 on 07 April 2021
Giuliano Cameroni
Added at 10:09 on 16 September 2021
Sergii Topishko
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Added at 10:01 on 01 January 2022


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jimmy Webb Boulder (Worked) 07 Apr 2013

One of the coolest projects i've ever climbed. Big thanks to Carlo for showing me this thing. Climbed it basically on my last day, last literal try. Couldn't ask for a better finish to my trip. Back to the USA tuesday.

Nalle Hukkataival Boulder (Worked) 01 Oct 2018 (approx)

Second ascent. 8C.

Daniel Woods Boulder (Worked) 06 May 2019

Giuliano Cameroni Boulder (Worked) 10 Apr 2021

Jernej Kruder Boulder (Worked) 16 Dec 2021
Sergii Topishko Boulder (Worked) 31 Dec 2021

Dave Graham Boulder (Worked) 02 Apr 2022

Jonas Winter Boulder (Worked)