Strong British Female Trad Climbers

Women in the UK who have trad climbed E7 or harder.

This list aims to be definitive in terms of the people included but does not attempt to enumerate every relevant ascent.

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32 entries on the list.

Climber Grade Climbs
1 Hazel Findlay E10 Magic Line
2 Emma Twyford E9 Rare Lichen, Once Upon a Time in the Southwest, The Big Issue
3 Maddy Cope E9 The Final Round, Prinzip Hoffnung, Once Upon a Time in the Southwest
4 Katy Whittaker E9 Knockin' on Heaven's Door
5 Eve Lancashire E9 Rare Lichen
6 Lucy Mitchell E9 Divided Years
7 Anna Taylor E9 Psykovsky's Sequins
8 Lucy Creamer E8 Point Blank, Slab and Crack
9 Lucinda Whittaker E8 Countdown to Disaster, End of the Affair
10 Ferdia Earle E8 The Rising Son, The Certainty of Tides
11 Rachel Pearce E8 Nightmayer, Day of the Triffids
12 Mary Jenner E8 Bleed in Hell
13 Karin Magog E8 Bleed in Hell
14 Shauna Coxsey E8 Renegade Master
15 Michaela Tracy E8 Point Blank
16 Harriet Ridley E8 The Quarryman
17 Daphne Kyriakaki E8 Point Blank
18 Katy Forrester E8 Dawes Rides a Shovelhead
19 Katie Keeley E7 Gathering Sun, 10 O'Clock Saturday Morning, Janus, Surreal Appeal, Eye of the Tiger, Top Loader
20 Glenda Huxter E7 The Bells! The Bells!, The Bells! The Bells!, A Wreath of Deadly Nightshade
21 Naomi Buys E7 Overlooked, Birdsong, Gathering Sun
22 Airlie Anderson E7 The Master's Edge, Beginner's Mind
23 Mia Stacey E7 Pacific Ocean Wall Direct, Janus
24 Katherine Schirrmacher E7 Balance It Is
25 Cherry Bedford E7 Off the Mark
26 Mina Leslie-Wujastyk E7 Unfamiliar
27 Natalie Berry E7 Dalriada
28 Michelle O'Loughlin E7 Temple of Boom
29 Rebekah Drummond E7 Skye Wall
30 Tanya Meredith E7 Heart of Stone
31 Rhoslyn Frugtniet E7 Eye of the Tiger
32 Anna Gilyeat E7 Janus