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Dave Graham
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Added at 19:12 on 20 December 2021


7 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Graham Boulder (Worked) 15 Oct 2013

It was an awesome climb. I battled it out, got super pumped, and didn’t kill myself falling off wet top out. 19 moves, and about 12 meters long, and one my favorite pieces of climbing I have ever done.

The sequence is powerful and tensiony, yet flowing. I love the body positions you get into while you climb it. Very athletic, yet balancy. [1]



Shawn Raboutou Boulder (Worked) 19 Nov 2018
Clément Lechaptois Boulder (Worked) 23 Oct 2019
Dylan Chuat Boulder (Worked) 04 Jul 2020
Tim Reuser Boulder (Worked) 03 Sep 2020
Teo Genecand Boulder (Worked) 01 Oct 2020
Will Bosi Boulder (Worked) 23 Sep 2021