Sky | 8B+ Boulder problem at Rocklands

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Liam Vance
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Added at 17:12 on 17 December 2021
James Squire
Added at 18:02 on 05 February 2021
Ned Feehally
Added at 18:02 on 05 February 2021


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Daniel Woods Boulder (Worked) 1st January 2008 (approx)
Jimmy Webb Boulder (Flash) 1st June 2013 (approx)

It felt surprisingly easy. Yet that’s how most flashes at your limit should feel. It’s that wild moment where everything comes together perfectly and your left standing there wondering what just happened. [1]


Liam Vance Boulder (Flash) 9th June 2017

James Squire Boulder (Worked) 5th June 2018

Ned Feehally Boulder (Worked)