K3 | 8a+ Sport route at Chee Dale Lower


Contributors: remus


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Seb Grieve Lead | worked 21st Aug 1994
First ascent.

It took Seb three years to climb the route and when he finally succeeded he said, “It’s got to be called K3, as it’s much harder to climb than K2”. Since Seb has never set foot in the Himalaya, this is quite an unusual statement.

During the time that elapsed from bolting the route to its final completion, approximately 90% of the sport climbing population of Sheffield belayed Seb at one time or another. [1]


[1] Peak Limestone North, First Ascents Supplement /file/bc3fd0e4-a3ee-a736-1cbf-d68af9f0910e/peak_lime_north_first_ascents.pdf

Simon Lee Lead | worked 29th Jul 2010
Neil Mawson Lead | flash Jul 2011