Captain Invincible, Burbage South Quarries

E9 Trad climb

Originally given E8 but upgraded after repeat ascents. 8b/+ protected by some RPs and dodgy pegs.


Sean Myles


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Sean Myles Lead (Worked) 08 May 1991

A seriously impressive ascent at a time when 8b+ sport routes were still big news.

Led on pre-placed gear and a grade of E8 proposed.

Robin Barker Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1993 (approx)

Second ascent. 1993 or 1994.,10607.msg439184.html#msg439184

Tom Randall Lead (Worked) 28 Feb 2014

Third ascent. All gear placed on lead.