Something's Burning | E9 Trad climb at Stennis Ford

~8a+ on fiddly and not-amazing gear.

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Charlie Woodburn
Added at 22:01 on 31 January 2021
James Pearson
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Added at 22:12 on 07 December 2022


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Charlie Woodburn Lead | worked 2012
James Pearson Lead | flash Sep 2014

Caroline Ciavaldini:

And yesterday, Something's Burning Flash for James. Ok, that was a very precise flash, I showed him every beta, every gear. I wouldn't have let him try the route without preparation otherwise, as the gear is super precise, and not wonderfull at all. Anyway, He didn't fall, flashing is first E9 ever!!!! Thanks Charlie [Woodburn] for having had the vision for such a great route!

Neil Gresham:

James Pearson's ascent of Something's Burning E9 surely represents the next level in trad climbing. Having been on this route, I'm just blown away that anyone could possess the strength, skill and nerve to flash it. Truly landmark.

Charlie Woodburn:

It's a very very impressive ascent. But I've gotta say that with font 8b strength I'm not really that surprised. Bold trad climbing has been crying out for someone to combine that level of strength with savvy tactics and serious ambition for a long time. I think its awesome that James has actually stepped up to do the honours. Respect.




Ali Kennedy Lead | worked 22nd Apr 2017