TCT | 9a Sport route


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Stefano Ghisolfi Lead (Worked)
Adam Ondra Lead (Onsight) 11 Jul 2014
Alex Megos Lead (Onsight) 01 May 2017 (approx)

I felt really bad warming up. Got pumped on a 6c. Felt weak. Didn't want to try the 9a because of that. Did an 8a for second warm up and still didn't feel good.

Then Claudia Ghisolfi (Stefano's sister) talked me into trying it.

Since there were not many options either. I just thought "Ah whatever. Nothing to lose."

Marcello Bombardi was belaying me.

I climbed the first 8c part quite well, but got quite pumped as well.Managed to rest a little bit before the last part. An 8m long 45 degree head wall with big moves on incut crimps. Got the sequence right, and somehow found myself on top. With a few difficulties at the end to clip the anchor because I couldn't find the top jug.