El Bon Combat | 9b Sport route at Cova De Locell

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Chris Sharma, the first ascenionist:

It’s about 25m long, up some really interesting rock, a mix of sandstone and conglomerate that offers some really cool climbing, up this beautiful blue streak and tiny conglomerate pebbles. The moves are unique, completely different from what I was used to at Oliana, Margalef and Santa Linya. Imagine five 8A boulder problems stacked one on top of the other, with a few rests, but nothing great. The moves are very dynamic and yet at the same time extremely subtle, even though they’re right my style I found them to be really tricky. They require lot of coordination and muscle memory, everything has to be just right, you have to be amped but at the same time let it flow effortlessly. It’s at least 9b, but I’ve decided to give it the b+ slash grade because, who knows, perhaps it’s even harder. [1]


[1] https://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/interviews/chris-sharma-interview-after-new-9b-climb-at-cova-de-ocell-in-spain.html

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Pics + Vids

Chris Sharma
Added at 22:12 on 21 December 2020
Felipe Camargo
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Added at 12:02 on 10 February 2021
Jorge Díaz-Rullo
Added at 14:05 on 26 May 2022


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Chris Sharma Lead | worked 7th Mar 2015 9b/9b+
Jakob Schubert Lead | worked 1st Dec 2018 9a+
Felipe Camargo Lead | worked 19th Apr 2019 9b (soft)
Jorge Díaz-Rullo Lead | worked 28th Sep 2020 9b (soft)

From Jorge's 8a.nu logbook

Mucha historia detrás de este encadene. Mucha mezcla de sensaciones al chapar está cadenita. Antiestilo, un paso que me volvió loco, lluvia, calor, un robo... Por fin puedo vencer todo esto! Gracias los que me ayudaron a conseguirlo que sois muchos! Sobre el grado para mí 9b pero entiendo las demás opiniones! KING LINE!!!


Much history behind this route. Big mix of sensations when clipping the chain. Anti-style, a move that drove me crazy, rain, heat, a robbery ... I can finally beat all this! Thanks to those who helped me to achieve it, there are many of you! About grade for me 9b but I understand the other opinions! KING LINE !!!


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZl4uLyABow