The Price of Evil | E8/8a Trad climb

Contributors: remus

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Mari Salvesen
Added at 06:08 on 16 August 2023
Mary Eden
Added at 06:08 on 16 August 2023


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Mason Earle Lead | worked Nov 2010
First ascent.
Mari Salvesen Lead | worked 15th Apr 2022
First female ascent.

If you compare Belly Full of Bad Berries and Price of Evil, I think for Belly Full you need a basic set of offwidth techniques and then it's just a shuffle, while on Price of Evil I felt like I was using a whole repertoire of offwidth techniques and even techniques which I haven't done before, which was fun. [1]




Mary Eden Lead | worked 31st May 2023
Pete Whittaker Lead | worked