The Young | 7C+ Boulder problem at Callaly


Dan Varian:

The Young is one of the most incredible pieces of sandstone i have seen in the flesh, a perfect tablet of stone situated in the forest with an incredible view, soft grassy landing (with even the slightest rock or root this route would become alot scarier). [1]



Contributors: remus


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Andy Earl Boulder (Worked) 2000 8A+
First ascent.

Andy's original sequence was harder than the sequence used now, this why he suggested 8A+.

Dan Varian Boulder (Worked) 2010
Second ascent.

Tim Blake Boulder (Worked) 7th Jun 2020

Alex Moore Boulder (Ground up) 25th Oct 2020
Calum Coldwell-Story Boulder (Ground up) 25th Oct 2020