Necronomicon | E9/8b+ Trad climb

8b/+ depending on how well you fit the thin hands section.

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Jean-Pierre Ouellet
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Added at 05:10 on 16 October 2022
Mary Eden
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Added at 04:10 on 16 October 2022
Mary Eden
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Added at 07:10 on 20 October 2022
Bronwyn Hodgins
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Added at 07:11 on 28 November 2022


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jean-Pierre Ouellet Lead (Worked) 1st Nov 2011
First ascent.

Pete Whittaker Lead (Worked) Apr 2019

I was pleased with our successes on this one. When one person gets it it's great, but it always feels like a job half-done, so it was good that we both did it one after the other on the same day. It felt like a little inner personal achievement to me. [1]

Tom Randall Lead (Worked) Apr 2019

I was really pleased to get this line done, as me and Pete [Whittaker] don't always end up doing that many repeats in the area as we're so obsessed with FAs. In a way, it's nice to calibrate our recent developments and remind ourselves that other people have contributed hard lines and that we should all continually cross-pollinate for difficulty and quality! Fortunately, we've been training thin hands in the last two months, so this was a perfect line at the perfect time. I opted to place extra pieces in the runout middle crux, whereas Pete did his usual "go all-in" and I'm not sure how far he'd have been off the ground if he'd blown it at the end! [1]


Mary Eden Lead (Worked) 14th Oct 2022

An incredibly impressive ascent, making Mary one of the few women to have trad climbed 14a.





Bronwyn Hodgins Lead (Worked) 20th Nov 2022