Intermezzo XY Gelöst | 9a Sport route

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Alex Megos
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Added at 21:09 on 22 September 2021
Alex Megos
Added at 17:09 on 28 September 2021


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Klem Loskot Lead | worked 1997
First ascent.

A controversial ascent at the time. Klem pre-clipped 3 draws, leaving only the chains to clip!

Klem Loskot Lead | repeat 1998

Having made the first ascent with draws pre-clipped Klem then came back to re-climb it while also clipping the draws.

Alex Megos Lead | flash 22nd Sep 2021

I had a lot of information about the route. It's not very long, just three quickdraws in its 7 or 8 meters. Very similar to climbing in the Frankenjura. Two people were climbing there, and Roland explained all the move, went up and cleaned the holds, and then belayed me. I knew exactly what to do, and it worked out pretty well I’d say. [1]