Chimpanzodrome | 7c+ Sport route at Le Saussois

The first 7c+ in France.

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Sébastien Bouin
Added at 08:04 on 03 April 2021


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jean-Pierre Bouvier Lead (Worked) 1st April 1981 (approx)

He subsequently soloed it!

Jean Claude Droyer Lead (Worked) 1st January 1984 (approx)

5 years after first equipping the route Jean Claude was able to finally climb the line.

Jerry Moffatt Lead (Flash) 18th March 1984

On his 21st birthday.

Sébastien Bouin Lead (Worked) 1st January 2021 (approx)