Examples of Chipped Climbs

In the rock climbing, chipping is the practice of artificially modifying a climb. In practice this can mean a lot of things, from a wobbly, existing hold being removed and then re-attached with glue to preserve the character of a climb to full-scale manufacture of routes by drilling holds in blank rock for large sections of the climb.

This is a list of some routes that have been chipped. These routes have been chipped in the sense they have had holds created.

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24 entries on the list.

Climb Grade Climb Type
1 La Joker 7A Boulder problem
2 Le Carnage 7B+ Boulder problem
3 The Angel's Share 7C Boulder problem
4 The Keel 7C Boulder problem
5 Rock Atrocity 7C Boulder problem
6 La Balance 7C+ Boulder problem
7 Seven 8B+ Boulder problem
8 Body Machine 7c+ Sport route
9 Manic Strain 8a Sport route
10 La Rose et le Vampire 8b Sport route
11 Dalliance 8b+ Sport route
12 Bronx 8c+ Sport route
13 Bizi Euskaraz Extension 8c+ Sport route
14 Hugh 9a Sport route
15 De L'Autre Côté du Ciel 9a Sport route
16 La Dura Dura 9b+ Sport route
17 Cheat E3 Trad climb
18 Colossus E3 Trad climb
19 Oedipus! Ring Your Mother E4 Trad climb
20 Downhill Racer E4 Trad climb
21 Linden E6 Trad climb
22 Linden E6 Trad climb
23 Jumpin' on a Beetle E6 Trad climb
24 The First and Last Wall E6 Trad climb