Papichulo | 9a+ Sport route at Oliana


11 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Chris Sharma Lead (Worked)
Ramón Julián Puigblanque Lead (Worked) 21st Mar 2009
Sachi Amma Lead (Worked) 24th Dec 2010
Domen Škofic Lead (Worked) 11th Dec 2014
Magnus Midtbø Lead (Worked) 22nd Mar 2015 9a+ (soft)
Mateusz Haladaj Lead (Worked) 30th May 2015
Klemen Bečan Lead (Worked) 9th Jun 2016
Felipe Camargo Lead (Worked) 23rd Apr 2017
Margo Hayes Lead (Worked) 22nd Mar 2019

Lucien Martinez Lead (Worked) Apr 2022 9a+ (soft)

Thibault Lair Lead (Worked) Apr 2023

I’m really happy to have done this king line, a mythical route in 9a+. I started trying Papichulo 4 years ago I think. Since then, I’ve been back almost every year but not really regularly and when I was close to doing the route, there was always something that kept me from coming back to Oliana and “finishing the job”. Hard to say how many tries, but a lot… That’s the route that required the most work out of me, by a mile. [1]