La Force Tranquille Direct | 8C Boulder problem

See also La Force Tranquille.
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Jakob Schubert
Added at 07:02 on 09 February 2021


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jakob Schubert Boulder | worked 14th Nov 2020
First ascent.

Wow so psyched to add this kingline! You basically do the hardest part of the original force tranquill and then instead of matching the crimp and going out right you do another big move straight up to a pocket from there you do a rather scary top out. It’s definitely harder than the original line but I like the style a lot so personally I would say it‘s not enough to push it up a full grade. It‘s the logical exit and climbs very well so I would love to see some repititions and hear their opinion 😉 [2]