Cabane au Canada | 9a Sport route at Rawyl

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Katherine Choong
Added at 10:04 on 18 April 2022
Solveig Korherr
Added at 09:04 on 18 April 2022


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Pirmin Bertle Lead | worked 28th Jul 2010
Adam Ondra Lead | onsight 9th Jul 2013 8c+

Long-term dream came true when I did not even expect it. I travelled to this incredible area, thinking that the route would be pretty dirty and abandoned after a long winter, but I found it perfectly cleaned with the draws hanging in. I admit that it is definitely not hard 9a, it definitely rather lower end, but it fits my style, I felt in very decent shape and I fought hard! For the first time in my life, I onsighted a route which had been suggested 9a and I could honestly believe that it could be in the 9a region. For all the others it was simply not case, even though it is very hard to judge it while you are onsighting. Beautiful moment and experience in the early morning session in some of the most breathtaking sportclimbing-wall I have ever seen.



Katherine Choong Lead | worked Aug 2018
Julia Chanourdie Lead | worked Aug 2018
Pete Dawson Lead | worked 12th Sep 2019
Sixth go.
Solveig Korherr Lead | worked 23rd Aug 2021