L’Ombre du Voyageur | 9A Boulder problem at Le Saleve

Translation: The Wanderer and his Shadow. Low start to Le Voyageur Face a la Mer de Nuage.

The line was first spotted by Elie Chevieux, but it had to wait until Charles Albert started working the line around 2019 until it would then see a first ascent in 2023.

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Charles Albert
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Added at 12:11 on 13 November 2023
Charles Albert
Added at 12:11 on 13 November 2023


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Charles Albert Boulder (Worked) 18th Oct 2023 9A
First ascent.

Charles struggled to grade the problem due to it's length (being more like a route) and because he climbed it barefoot and without kneepads, as is his preferred style. He suggested that for him it was maybe approaching 9A+, but that shoes and knee pads would almost certainly make it substantially easier. Even so, he felt 8C+ would be too harsh and so settled on 9A. [1, via google translate].


[1] https://www.grimper.com/news-charles-albert-libere-9a-bloc-saleve

[2] Video from a previous attempt https://www.instagram.com/reel/CsWcuwBgFwg/

[3] https://www.climbing.com/news/charles-albert-climbs-new-v17-boulder/