Gateway | 8C+ Boulder problem at Cresciano

See also Gateway (pre-break).
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Martin Keller
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Added at 05:10 on 05 October 2023


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Martin Keller Boulder (Worked) Oct 2023
Over 150 sessions.

First re-ascent after holds broke.

Getting up at 5.50 am. Jumping on a train and while on the train doing some client-feedback for my climbing- coaching (answering questions about the weekly training, tactical approaches for trips ). Then teaching 3 lectures (Business and economics) at technical university during the day. Back on a train in the late afternoon and some more client feedback. Arriving home i went for a 45min powernap. Cold shower. Food. Coffee. Left home around 8pm. Arrived at the boulder in Ticino around 11pm. Usual warmup ritual (mindset work included). Snacking (Choco-Croissant). 1am first try - heel slipped in the crux at the end. Long rest. Going for a walk. More snacking (Carrot-cake ;). Finally had the one perfect go with no mistake, still nearly slipped on the mantel - topped it out around 2am (2nd try of the night). No big screaming. Just very [content]. Long rest on top of the boulder. More Snacking. Back home around 7am I guess. Good thing work started at 1pm that day - not at 8am ;) [2]




[3] Interview with, October 2023