Ego Death | 8C Boulder problem

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Keenan Takahashi
Added at 06:03 on 25 March 2024


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Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Keenan Takahashi Boulder | worked 27th Sep 2023
First ascent.

After a lot of rest, I went back again, this time alone as Katie [Lamb] was resting. I found a new mental space I’ve never had before, fully calm and really happy to be there, truly not caring if I did it. I knew I’d try until it would get done. Then, on the wall, I climbed perfectly. The sort of moment I always wish for but have only had one other time, on Kintsugi in 2018. I barely stuck the crux and then had a minor error in the easier upper bit but very fortunately didn’t punt. I deal with ego like everyone else, but the name stems from the flow on the wall, as “I” really ceased to exist, there was just awareness and breath.

All told, for sure one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, in any aspect of my life. [1]